You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard, seen or felt the buzz that 9’z has consistently been creating, since the launch of his first mixtape ‘Church road to Hollywood’ in 2012. His sophomore follow up ‘Gone till November’ was produced whilst 9’z was incarcerated and received rave reviews earning 9’z the BBC 1Xtra ‘People’s Choice’ Mixtape award, further cementing his place amongst the biggest artists, musicians and entrepreneur’s in the underground and mainstream music scene.

Not only did his BBC 1 XTRA ‘fire in the booth’ generate 1 million hits in 3 months (a record) but his time away made 9’z more reflective. On his release he decided to go harder than before and subsequently released ‘Loyal to the soil’. The main offering from the highly anticipated mixtape was the hypnotic, melodic ‘Money on my mind’.

The summer smasher quickly racked up another million hits but this time in 2 months! As the song was doing the rounds on the airwaves, 9’z was pushing his latest ‘ICB’ snapbacks at an equal pace!

The official ‘Snap-Back’ caps have been yet another indicator that this entrepreneurial maestro from Church Road, North-west London, keeps turning ‘all that he touches’ into gold. Oh! Did we mention his chain collection?!?!?! That would just take up another paragraph! Lol


So what does the young man, with 10m hits to his name embark on next? Well naturally it could only be the internet. The ‘online’ estate this ‘rap prodigy’ has transformed into his very own block. Welcome to ‘’ 9’z latest offering. This collaborative venture aims to change the way fans interact with their favourite entertainers.

“At we don’t want to give our fans an experience, they are the experience.”